04 Desember 2011

Review Honda CBR250R

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Biking has gone from a need to a want. People want to ride something exceptional and powerful. Till date, there was only the Kawasaki Ninja 250R which could fulfill this desire for the biking enthusiast but now with the entry of the Honda CBR250R, things are going to change.

The Honda CBR250R is the first model from the Japanese automaker after it split with the Hero group. The bike has no real competition with any other bike and it manages to create its own segment. The baby CBR is a global model, made entirely for the beginner, who is entering into sports biking. Inspired from its elder sibling the VFR1200, the looks are stunning and attention grabbing.

The Honda CBR250R is built on an all new platform with new chassis, brakes, engine, gearbox and electronics. One of the rare bikes to feature Anti-lock brakes as standard, the CBR250R will change how people perceive braking in bikes. Launched in two models, the Standard and C-ABS, the bike is priced at Rs. 1.51 for the base variant and 1.68 lakhs for the top variant.

Start the bike and it instantly roars to a silent idle. Torque at lower revolutions is good with the CBR feeling at easy in the city. On the highway, the PGMFi motor comes in its own and responds to throttle inputs quickly. 100kmph takes just 6.5 seconds and the new motorcycle will reach a top speed of 170kmph.

Plastic quality is not the best as you might expect as the parts are shared with the Unicorn and Dazzler. The reason for sharing parts is to reduce the price and that is completely fine, because performance is what matters to most bikers. With a 25bhp, 250cc single cylinder motor, the CBR250R is quick. A mileage of 30kmpl is respectable for a machine of this class. Braking is by far the best and the new C-ABS system will make you fall in love with the brakes.

The new Honda satisfies all the needs of a 250cc buyer, its fast, it looks good and is priced very well. With over 2000 bookings, the company has already got success with their new offering. We expect very good resale value as supply is going to be restrained initially. Honda bikes usually command high waiting period and the CBR is no different. But that won't stop people from getting the latest from the Japanese stable.

By Faisal Ali Khan

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